Brødrene Hartmanns Fond and its activities

The Foundation was established in 1964.

The means of the Foundation, were provided when the Foundation received a substantial legacy from Mrs. Emilie Hartmann, the widow of Louis Hartmann – one of the founders of the Hartmann Group.

The dividend and interests received by the Foundation are used for the annual support granted by the Foundation. The Foundation supports broad areas within society in accordance with the Statutes of the Foundation.

Paragraph 3 of the Statutes states that:

“The purpose of the Foundation is to use its available assets to provide assistance, in the form of grants, scholarships or loans, for social, humanitarian, cultural, educational or scientific purposes, as decided by the Foundation’s Board and, when appropriate, on the recommendations of the Executive Board.

If necessary, the Foundation shall also be able to render assistance to present and previous employees of the company and to needy, but deserving descendants of Director Louis Hartmann. However, this assistance may not annually exceed 1/3 of the Foundation’s available assets.

Moreover, the purpose of the Foundation is to ensure that the operation of Brødrene Hartmann A/S and its subsidiaries proceeds in the manner most beneficial to its employees and shareholders, and the Foundation shall, therefore, strive to maintain its voting majority in Brødrene Hartmann A/S.

The Foundation can institute measures for generally ensuring and improving the conditions of the employees at Brødrene Hartmann A/S and its subsidiaries, including investments in amenities for the benefit of all employees.”

In particular it should be stressed that the Foundation does not support the education of individuals or collective study tours or stays and does not issue social support for individuals.

The Board of the Foundation uses the following guidelines when administrating the purpose:

A basic principle of the Board of the Foundation is to support applications concerning projects of high quality, of lasting value and also oriented towards the future.

Since 1986 the Foundation has moreover awarded a special prize to a person who in particular has contributed to a continuously positive development of the Danish society. The prize amounts to 300,000 DKK. Effective 2003 the Foundation further instituted the Hartmann Diploma-Prize in the amount of 150,000 DKK to be awarded to younger persons who are expected to contribute to a continuously positive development of the Danish society.

On behalf of the Board

Christian Th. Kjølbye, Chairman